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Advanced Workshop: How to Pitch a Business Model to Investors

Hi SpringBoard Friends,

How do you value a business? Beyond financial modelling, it is crucial to identify and analyse the business model before valuation. The business model also needs to be put across to investors clearly and simply, so that a stock pitch can come across as convincing. Without this skill, a stock pitch may fall apart as soon as it starts.

We have hence specially organized our SpringBoard Advanced Workshop on How to Clearly Pitch a Business Model for our SpringBoard interns and for SpringBoard friends who are interested. Here is the web version of our email.

Event Details
Date & Time: Thu 17 Sep, 7pm – 8pm
Location: TBA, near MRT Station
Register at

Speaker Credentials
Shali is a Head of Equity at a family office, with 8 years of industry experience. He worked in big 4 audit (China CPA), before switching into private equity investment and equity research. Continue reading

Seminar: Interview Pitfalls on June 25th

Dear SpringBoard Friend,

SpringBoard TM invites you to “the Interview Pitfalls” 2015 – its interview skills seminar, helmed by fund manager Yoman and experienced mutual fund analyst Ruishan. Both speakers have had personal in-depth experience dealing with front office hiring managers, both on and off the SpringBoard platform. They will address questions on the front office interview, from key issues to debunking myths and minute details.  Continue reading

Exclusive Xmas Networking on 2014 – 23 Dec

We hear some of you knocking on our door, asking when is our next SpringBoard drinks and how to position yourself well for the 2015 hiring window.  To cater for this special request, SpringBoard has put together a very special mini drinks event — just for a select few — supported by key SpringBoard people. Continue reading

Success Story: Learn from Sharon and Shane

As the year comes to a close in a festive mood, fund managers are busy closing their trades for the year and planning for the next. So is SpringBoard. We are going to share with you recent success stories of 2 past Kairos stock pitch champions – Sharon and Shane. Continue reading

SpringBoard-Kairos Research Challenge 2014 Season 4 – 15 Nov

SpringBoard-Kairos Research Challenge 2014 Season 4 is taking place on 15 Nov 2014 and is now accepting no more than 3 challengers from the public from investment enthusiasts among you. Continue reading

Financial Modeling Classroom Season 3 Commencing 12 Jul

Dear SpringBoard Friends,

SpringBoard TM is commencing Financial Modeling Classroom Season 3 from 12 Jul for 5 weekly intensive Saturday sessions. The mentor is Val, a former sell-side analyst with several years’ experience at large international banks. Continue reading

Investment Banking Masterclass starts end Mar to prep for hiring opportunities

Dear SpringBoard Friends,

As we head swiftly into the Year of Horse, many of our friends — both mentors and interns — have either found new jobs or been going for multiple interviews lately.  That does not imply that our industry is expanding.  They are “playing musical chairs”, where job openings are vacated and filled in a circle: Firm X hires someone who left Firm Y, which then hires from Firm Z, which then hires back from Firm X, the first firm at the beginning.  On a net basis, unless pay is on the rise, the industry is stable or may even be contracting.
SpringBoard TM has been very gainfully occupied lately helping our friends- employers– source for quality candidates.  Some recent examples are:
-> New Hedge Fund running a Long/ Short portfolio using bottom-up analysis, looking for Junior Equity Analyst and Research Associate:  we referred the winner in our 1st Stock Pitch competition to him for his consideration;
-> New financial services firm looking to hire an Equities Execution Trader:  we also showed a couple of qualified candidates- with relevant experience- to employer for consideration;
-> Global bank looking to replace their Research Associate who is likely leaving the industry:  we fielded our four Advanced state interns to Head of Research for consideration
[As far as we know, the above jobs are not publicised anywhere on open recruitment channels or websites, i.e. the prospective employers prefer to rely on referral from reliable sources]
Meanwhile, our Financial Modeling Classroom Program Season 1 has kicked off successfully, where some may be invited to our Advanced Internship Program.
By popular demand, our Investment Banking (IB) Classroom Program (details in attached pdf) starts end March.  The 5 sessions will be conducted by our IB mentor with more than 15 years of experience.  Aside from gaining a practitioner’s perspective of IB work, you will most importantly gain access to the SpringBoard community whose slogan is to “Continue Learning and Keep On Networking”.  Our professional network and perspective are invaluable assets which are lacking in similar programs which tend to be more academically focused.
Top performers from the Classroom Program stand to be invited to our Advanced Internship Program, where you get pushed into potential job opportunities, internships and work assignments, shining directly in front of your future bosses and supervisors.
Don’t miss THIS special opportunity to hear about investment bankers “secrets of the game” straight from the horse’s mouth!
Contact us before Early Bird registration closes on 7 Mar 2014 at only $249. Class starts on March 29th, Saturday.
Contact SpringBoard TM
Pls feel free to forward our message to your friends.
SpringBoard TM is a mentoring platform for passionate people to move into challenging and rewarding front office roles in the finance industry. Our Mentorship Program is complemented with job referrals, profile enhancement and networking platforms, so that unlike academic programs, we are more confident of helping deserving apprentices secure tangible opportunities in the front office.
Our jobs referral platform involves our partners securing for our apprentices opportunities in the front office, which are mostly of private referral in nature and not advertised elsewhere. In certain special circumstances, we may even secure opportunities with priority or exclusivity offered to SpringBoard interns and apprentices.

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