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Success Story from JL

It is always good to hear from our students, not only how they benefit from our program but also how they have been determined and committed to their better future.
JL participated in our foundation classroom training in March 2016 and after a period of preparation, she managed to join the investment industry at the beginning of 2017. Like many other Springboard success stories, she is not from a prestigious background. At the first glance of her CV back in 2016, she wasn’t someone that can stand out in the competition for interviews. However, she was not giving up and consistently making herself closer to her dream job. Now let’s hear what she shares.

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Success Story: Harvey landed a PE job despite tough market

Harvey has demonstrated strong passion during his mentorship with SpringboardTM and has won our stock pitch competition in 2015 Season 4. He continued pursuing his dream into 2016 and finally landed a private equity analyst job despite a tough hiring market.
I would comment that he possessed the right skillset and meet the right people during networking, lacking of either would not result in his success. Let’s hear what Harvey said. If you wish to chat with Harvey and many other success stories, pls join our next networking event Exclusive Networking on Mar 23.

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NUS team won the CFA Research Challenge!

I am very glad that my intern student lead the NUS team that won the 2016 CFA Research Challenge Singapore Final. They are going to the global round in April in Chicago! Congratulation!

CFA Research Challenge Cert 2016

In Springboard, I am proud to see many of our students achieve a better career than I had achieved at their age. The satisfaction drives us working hard to provide our students an unprecedented growth environment towards front office jobs.

Testimonial from 2015 September ATC season

It is worth sharing a testimonial from our participant Mark:

The most effective form of learning is through practice – having said that, I believe the independent basis through which we were exposed to in terms of developing the model really helped me understand the key moving parts of a functional operating model. It was no easy feat, looking through every tiny detail within the model in trying to troubleshoot where and what was keeping the model from balancing perfectly. However, tough as it was, this method forced me to understand the basic flow of items within the different statements, and eventually, through this method, I was able to fix my model!
I guess the second best benefit would be the opportunity this program offers to candidates aspiring towards a front office career.It really drills the basics into you, the basics of financial modelling. I believe this will go along way in helping candidates with the technical portion of the interview. Similarly, the program, on the basis of merit allows candidates like myself to showcase how much and how far we are willing to go, to break into the finance industry.

Success stories despite market turmoil (Oct 2015, Shane, Sophie, Rei)

SpringBoard continues to produce success stories despite market turmoil

We have heard many seasoned investors telling us that we are heading our way into the next financial crisis as many “cans of worms” have been opened around the world. What has happened in the financial markets last few months need no further elaboration from us. Despite all this market turmoil, it is heartening to see SpringBoard continuing to produce success stories! Continue reading

Testimonials from Hirer (Yuan Jin) and Success story (Sophia)

From time to time, we have SpringBoard ex-interns come back to thank us after becoming success stories. This time, we have one that is more special – a testimonial given by the ex-intern’s supervisor!
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Success story: Zeke thanks SpringBoard for multiple offers he received; how Yuyan lands an M&A analyst job

At SpringBoard, it is very heartening to see our students land their dream jobs and come back to say thank you. Now we are pleased to share with you two of our latest success stories.

We start with Zeke’s story of landing a private equity (PE) job. Before joining SpringBoard’s mentorship program in June 2014, he was a fresh graduate from a low profile university. Determined to pursue his dream PE role, Zeke did not join the bulk of  his cohort who joined the work force as soon as they graduate. Instead, he took on SpringBoard’s mentorship, showed his quality and passion, landed an internship, which built up his credentials and eventually led to a few offers.

Finding an investment analyst job is definitely not easy for a fresh graduate coming from a humble background without relevant prior experience, and more so for those who want to move from back office to front office. Many people can’t make it in the end due to various reasons. However, the subsequent story about Yuyan bears testament to how perseverance can still get you into the front office.  Yuyan’s success is the fruit of his adherence to Springboard’s principle of “Continue learning and Keep on networking”.  Continue reading