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Career Success in the New Work Environment for Investment Professionals

I had an interesting read about Career Success in the New Work Environment , available at the CFA Institute website, which focuses a lot on self awareness, awareness of the environment and career planning and navigation. The e-book also offers interviews with successful finance executives to understand their career decision making processes, as well as detailed scenarios of how different finance professionals carve out their careers amid achievements and disappointments in both their career and lives.

Apparently, work-life balance is not a given, but a cause of sacrifice at times. It is an outcome based on the work culture of our employer and our personal decisions. Something we must be responsible for, the benefits and the costs.

Though written mostly from a Western work ethic and culture, some points remain close to our hearts. The big fives of personality fits to the need to be pro-active in planning our careers or in allowing big events to steer us on a different path.

If you are short on time for the 120 page content and the subsequent 100 pages of interview Q&A with top executives, the CFA website also offers link to key portions of the book where key actionables and tools allow you to start planning your career.

A recommended read.


How to profile yourself on LinkedIn and get hired

“Resume: a Written Exaggeration of only the good things a person has done in the past; as well as a wish list of the qualities a person would like to have.” – Bo Bennett

And what about your CV that everyone can now read? On LinkedIn, what do you want employers and your peers to know about you?

Advanced Writing Strategies for Your linkedin Profile (video: 50 min)

Link to presentation slide.

Resume to replace CV? Recorded in 2012 and revisited by the CFA magazine in 2016, Jared Redick predicted in his video clip that the growing influence of LinkedIn would overshadow our own CV. Indeed, now our LinkedIn profile reaches out to an audience so wide that we ourselves may not fully comprehend, opening ourselves to opportunities never open before. One day, I may be contacted by a hiring manager, the next a business partner.

Jared’s detailed presentation gave his audience a deep insight into how we should present ourselves on LinkedIn, from the choice of photo to what exactly we should write to be concise yet impressive in each section of our LinkedIn profile.

By getting your profile right, both offline and online, you are off to a great start in securing your next career move.

Write to us if you have any comments on writing your LinkedIn profile or CV.

Career Management Tip: So much more than job searching

“Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things work out.” Art Linkletter

Recently, I came across this short article, which advises that career management is not just about the job search that you do from time to time. It is a conscious effort that takes place all the time. You should be mindful and intentional about all aspects of your career, from delivering your best performance for your current clients and employer to thinking about job opportunities you might wish to pursue in the future.

The short article also introduces a book on career management comprising the following elements:

  • Building self-awareness
  • Gaining environmental awareness
  • Achieving a good fit between self and environment
  • Planning ahead for your career

For more details, you can read the article via the attached link.

If you feel that you need to enhance your career development, pls contact us.

Handy tools: Unofficial guide to banking

Saw these two free books online, which are useful for our students (url attached):

Unoffical Guide To Banking: introduce various functions in the banking industry

Jargon Buster: I would expect you to know at least 80-90% of all these terms if you already passed CFA Level 1 exam.


Manage Your Career: tips for career switchers

I attended a CFA seminar about Manage Your Career featuring Mr. Andrew Jones on 25h Feb.

He talks about 10 most important aspects of your career, namely: Continue reading

TED: Silverspoon or Scrapper?

Here’s an motivating sharing from Regina Hartley, HR director at UPS on whether the company should hire Silverspoon or Scrapper?

Best quote:

Take this resume. This guy’s parents give him up for adoption. He never finishes college. He job-hops quite a bit, goes on a sojourn to India for a year, and to top it off, he has dyslexia. Would you hire this guy? His name is Steve Jobs.

Our Springboard’s advanced program is designed to create challenges for students who will benefit from constructive feedbacks and becomes success story. From all walks of lifes, they nail the interview and enter the front office.

CFA magazine: Recruiter insights and Personal branding

Wish to share two interesting article from CFA Institute magazine Nov/Dec 2015 issue.

#1 Insights from a Recruiter by Julia VanDeren

Talks about when to start getting targeted by recruiters, importance of including recruiters in  your network, time to hire vs. time to get hired and new trend of skill sets demanded.

#2 A Uniquely Valuable Addition by Nathan Jaye

He talks about various aspects of personal branding:

  • Why personal brand is important?
  • Begin a branding or reinvention
  • Others might see us differently
  • Stories of brand reinvention
  • Turn your career into a story
  • Going back to school to acquire skills? think again!
  • Maintain online image
  • Importance of finding a mentor
  • Find validators for you, let others speak of you.