Foundation Mentorship

Model like a pro!

In our foundation mentorship program, you are expected to build an integrated core financial model like a pro!

You will watch our pre-recorded video sessions that go through our curriculum (details below).

In between sessions, you will have hands-on sessions. After major sections, you will be given major assignments. You are expected to submit your hands-on work soon after you are done for immediate feedback. Within one or two weeks, you are expected to complete your major assignment and send back for mentor feedback.

At the end of foundation mentorship, only apprentices who meet our expectations and demonstrate passion in the process are invited for the Advanced Mentorship program.


Module 1:

Financial Statement 101: Understand company financial reporting

  • What is the basic structure of a company’s financial report
  • Understand the major components within income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statements and the links between them.
  • Where do analysts/investors find important information about a company?
  • Apply what you learn: Read an actual company’s financial report together.
    (This session is developed to refresh accounting concepts, so that students will not feel left behind during the following sessions that are intensely focused on more advanced material.)

Module 2: Building your core model:

  • Basic structure of a financial model. How does a financial model used by an investment analyst look like?
  • How to organise the company’s reported numbers in your model?
  • What is the key information you should note from company’s results, press releases and investor presentation slides?
  • Formatting guidelines: Fine details that matter to your boss and client.
  • Income statement: how do you approach each income statement item and key ratio?
  • Balance sheet: how do you model each item to balance your balance sheet and key ratios?
  • Cashflow: how to link up cash flow statement with income statement and balance sheet?
  • Equity statement: linking with balance sheet and cashflow statement

Module 3: Valuation

  • Understand Enterprise Value and building DCF with your integrated model
  • Other Valuation metrics: PE, EV/EBITDA, PB
  • Building your valuation model
  • Troubleshoot your model with Excel
  • Key Excel functions and shortcuts that an analyst frequently uses
  • Compare the company’s valuation with peers


Delivery Format
  • Video + Mentor Support
  • Video only option is available. However, you will not enjoy personalized advise and insights that mentorship can bring to you.


  • You will receive link to watch online videos with details from understanding the accounting basics to build an integrated financial model.
  • In between video sessions you might be asked to do hands-on activities or major assignment.
  • After each section you can communicate where you need more elaboration from mentor and may be asked to submit your hands-on work.
  • Mentor will help you on your hands-on activities and give you feedback on your major assignments. This might be conducted by calls/online demo/email communication. Mentor will determine the communication channel and frequency.
  • Frequency: You will have four catch-up calls of up to half an hour with your designated mentor during the two month mentorship.


  • 2 months, with freeze option and extension option available.
  • Freeze option can be used if you figure out that you would need to pause mentorship because of unforeseen circumstance.
  • Extension option can be used if you can’t complete your model in two months’ time.
  • Enrollment cycle: Jan, Apr, June, Aug, Oct every year


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Additional benefit

  • Join Springboard event at partner rate for life.
  • Access to Springboard partners for career advice.

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