Advanced Mentorship


Our Foundation Mentorship help you build your foundation of financial modelling. However, there are many other things you should know before you become a full time investment analyst. We illustrate the necessary components in the above chart. (Please speak to us if you want to know more details)

Turning to our Advanced Mentorship, it is ONLY for those with passion and commitment to join the investment industry. It aims to provide a solid foundation for an entry level investment analyst job. The training is centered around the essential skillsets pictured above with the ultimate goal of landing a job.

If you are able to master all, we can guarantee that your chance of landing a job is substantially higher than your peers, simply because you can think like a professional investors.

To join the Advanced Mentorship, you will need to be cleared on your financial modelling skills. (If you are not sure about your competency, please contact us.)

Duration and delivery

  • You are expected to complete it in two months, ending with a research report covering a stock and a stock pitch (private or group).
  • The curriculum will be delivered by video, followed by homework to be done on your side. You will have feedbacks by email from us or mentor, as needed after you submitted your homework. Online/phone guidance with mentors will be done online.
  • We are guiding 6 such sessions, each lasting no more than 30mins. It can be shorter if you don’t have qns, but in general it should not be longer than than.
  • As much as possible, we will place you in a part time internship arrangement so that you can work for a professional to gain the real experience. However, this arrangement is subject to the availability and your capability demonstrated during your mentorship sessions.


Advanced financial model tailor to sectors
  • Segment forecast
  • Growth and margins assumptions to be used
  • Fine tune your forecast assumptions
  • Common adjustment analyst made
  • Checking against the consensus
  • Homework: Building an more in-depth financial model than what you have learnt in your foundation
Universal Research Framework
  • A professional analytical framework that imparts the professional investors’ thought process to you. Think & analyse like a pro!
  • Include: writing and presenting executive summary, company background research, industry research, insider research, financial and operational analysis, forecast, arbitrage opportunities, valuation of the company
  • Homework: investment research on a selected stock
Industry analysis techniques
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Supply and Demand Analysis
Reading Research Reports (initiation + maintenance)
  • Initiation report
  • Maintenance report
Financial terminals for Equity Research
  • Bloomberg
  • Capital IQ


  • Referral for life work under investment professional if you can demonstrate passion, quality of work and commitment.

Additional Membership Benefit

  • FOC for Springboard events for 6 months
  • Life-long 50% discount to access Springboard events