Career Management Tip: So much more than job searching

“Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things work out.” Art Linkletter

Recently, I came across this short article, which advises that career management is not just about the job search that you do from time to time. It is a conscious effort that takes place all the time. You should be mindful and intentional about all aspects of your career, from delivering your best performance for your current clients and employer to thinking about job opportunities you might wish to pursue in the future.

The short article also introduces a book on career management comprising the following elements:

  • Building self-awareness
  • Gaining environmental awareness
  • Achieving a good fit between self and environment
  • Planning ahead for your career

For more details, you can read the article via the attached link.

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Seeking junior PE Real Estate Investment Analyst (closed)

One of our friends is looking for a full-time experienced investment analyst to join their fast growing global Real Estate and Hospitality PE fund.
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Insider Seminar: Buy-side vs Sell-side careers for investment analysts – Apr 20

Are you ever confused by the terms “Buy-side” and “Sell-side”?
Wonder what the analysts on both sides are doing?
Curious to find out the career prospects of both roles?
Do you want to network with Springboard’s Star mentors?

MARK your calendar on April 20 and join our knowledge sharing seminar!
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Success Story: Harvey landed a PE job despite tough market

Harvey has demonstrated strong passion during his mentorship with SpringboardTM and has won our stock pitch competition in 2015 Season 4. He continued pursuing his dream into 2016 and finally landed a private equity analyst job despite a tough hiring market.
I would comment that he possessed the right skillset and meet the right people during networking, lacking of either would not result in his success. Let’s hear what Harvey said. If you wish to chat with Harvey and many other success stories, pls join our next networking event Exclusive Networking on Mar 23.

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Handy tools: Unofficial guide to banking

Saw these two free books online, which are useful for our students (url attached):

Unoffical Guide To Banking: introduce various functions in the banking industry

Jargon Buster: I would expect you to know at least 80-90% of all these terms if you already passed CFA Level 1 exam.


Manage Your Career: tips for career switchers

I attended a CFA seminar about Manage Your Career featuring Mr. Andrew Jones on 25h Feb.

He talks about 10 most important aspects of your career, namely: Continue reading

Exclusive Networking with Investment Analysts – March 23rd 2016 (Wed)

Have you wondered if there’re still investment jobs available in the market?
Have you been thinking about what type of candidate hiring managers are looking for?
Would you like to hear tips from those who managed to land an investment analyst job just last month?
SAVE your day on March 23rd and come join SpringBoard’s upcoming exclusive networking event to hear from insiders and recent success stories!
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