“Helping them overcome obstacles in their lives and showing them how to grow personally and professionally, (you) help them achieve a whole new level of living… truly make a difference in their lives

John C Maxwell

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What do you need to become an investment analyst?

Based on our combined experiences, the skills essential to securing an investment analyst job – be it in equity research, fixed income, investment banking, private equity, or even fintech – are found in two categories:
Research Skills and Soft Skills.

An integrated financial model that linked IS, BS and CF without broken links, plus ratios, DCF, valuation multiples.

Think and analyse like a professional investor: what is essential in analysing a company, an industry and how to look at valuation creatively?

Professional investors are pitching their ideas on a daily basis. Would you want to speak in the same language?

How do you fare in your interviews? What are body languages to take note of before setting off for your precious interview opportunities?

What type of resume can stand out in front of hiring managers? What experiences do you possess and are relevant to the job?

You will need to network to build relationships with industry veterans who might know where the jobs are and whether you are fit for certain jobs. During our course of work, we have built extensive networks, why not leverage on ours?

Two Phases of Mentorship

Model Like a Pro

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  • Principle of an integrated financial model

  • Professional formatting

  • Fixing the model when it is not balanced

  • Extracting data from financial statements

  • Ratios, valuation multiples and DCF

  • (BONUS/Optional) Two months internship on live investment research

Research Like a Pro

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  • Professional research framework

  • Financial terminal for equity research

  • Actionable Write-up like a pro

  • Handling tough Q&A questions

  • Pitch your investment ideas to a panel of judges and feel what would be like during an interview

  • Internship opportunity

Why choose us

Metrics Springboard Talent Management Online Providers Physical Training Providers
Curriculum to build a financial model
Personalized training by investment analysts
Personalized training not available Personalized training not available
Learning according to your schedule
Fixed classroom schedule
Ask questions to expert anytime
No dedicated support Only in classroom
Ability to repeat curriculum
Option to extend course
Not Applicable  No
Progressive learning
From modelling to stock research and stock pitch
Limited further learning opportunities
One-off training
Geography of curriculum Asia Pacific Based Content Mostly U.S. Based Content Mixed
Networking opportunities
No No
Alumni network
Not available Not available
Personalized career advice
Not provided Not provided
Job referral opportunities

From partner and alumni network

Not provided Not provided


We are senior investment analysts and career coaches that help candidates achieve their dreams of joining the investment industry. Whether you are a fresh graduate or mid-career professional looking to switch into this industry, we will customize our programme to boost your chance. Our track record dates back to 2009.

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If you’re looking for a way to break into a front office role, hungry for success, willing to struggle and put in the hours, looking for first-hand insight into the industry, then the mentorship program would add value to your situation.

Nicholas, REITs analyst at KGI
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“Springboard Talent Management was a wonderful stepping stone into today’s finance industry. They showed me that the combination of hard work and guidance from mentors has a higher Present Value than I originally projected!”

Zeke Lee, analyst at Regulus Advisors (Private Equity Firm),
Springboard Success Story

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