Exclusive Drinks with Tier 1 broker C

2016-01-09T01:39:21+00:00 January 9th, 2016|Events|

Hi, Happy New Year to all.

Mr Market is telling us upfront that this year is not going to be an easy year, and it is likely to be a terrible year to graduate from school too! Still, SpringBoard always try our best to offer hope to career switchers and anybody currently on the lookout for jobs.

Our SpringBoard drinks have consistently seen overwhelming turnout. Against this backdrop of strong demand for our networking events, we are organising our next one on Wed 20 Jan, this time with another global bank.

In our intimate setting, you will get to establish contact with front office professionals and veterans and possibly hear from them about how they joined the finance industry. *You may also hear whispers among our guests about which firms are quietly hiring for recent job vacancies. These positions could well be privately placed and not publicised openly.*

Guests Expected
– Oliver, senior analyst at global bank;
– Mark, senior institutional sales;
– Yoman, hedge fund manager at global investment firm;
– Andy, fund manager at asset management firm;
– Noriko, portfolio manager at global investment firm;
– Willie, analyst at investment firm &SpringBoard success story;
– Andy, analyst at family office &SpringBoard success story

Event & Registration Details
Venue: Raffles Place area, TBA to registered participants only
Date/Time: 20 Jan 2016 (Wed), 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Sign up BY 15 Jan- $35
Sign up BY 19 Jan- $45
Pay on actual day- $50
Cost includes first drink and finger food.
** SpringBoard mentors &SpringBoard success stories and current interns enjoy discounted rate, just email me.

To sign up, please bank transfer to POSB savings account [137-64179-8] and email the screenshot to br.networkers@gmail.com , with the following brief details.
(a) Name:
(b) Email:
(c) Contact Number:
(d) Current role: Buyside/ Sellside/ Student/ Outside finance industry