About us.

Continue Learning and Keep On Networking

About Us

SpringBoard Talent Management (TM) is a career mentoring platform to help passionate people move into challenging and rewarding roles in the front office. Most recently in 2013, 1 in 3 of more than 20 apprentices managed to secure a front office career within 3 to 6 months of completing the mentorship program, a high success rate we are proud of in this hiring environment.

We believe in “Continue Learning and Keep on Networking”. Besides learning through practice and networking, SpringBoard interns and apprentices are put through a structured, rigorous program to continually hone and showcase their “hard” and “soft” skills, ready to shine as the next front office professional. We have set up a few fulfilment criteria for our intern to achieve, in line with our slogan.

Since Springboard TM was co-founded by fund manager Yoman and career coach Eng Yew in Nov 2009, it has grown to encompass not only a rich line-up of front office professionals as mentors and hiring partners but also many rising stars as supportive alums who add colour to the community. You can read all about our success stories here.

The Springboard TM platform used to be run in a rather loose format with less progressive learning opportunities. Over the years it has been evolving, and its last revamped was in Oct 2012 where more activities … where the Program is now closely supported with job referralsnetworking and profile enhancementplatforms, so we are more confident to secure tangible opportunities for our most deserving apprentices and interns.

Answers to frequent questions about our mentorship program can be found here.

You can contact the SpringBoard TM team here.