Benchmark against your job competitor​s at our Stock Pitch Challenge or ModelOff Financial Modelling World Championsh​ips 2014

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Dear SpringBoard Friend,
We are often asked by jobseekers how skilled they need to be in order to get hired. Employers need to be convinced to give you a shot if you lack relevant experience, especially when there is always cut-throat competition from experienced professionals.

You need to hone your skills and benchmark your skills against your competition. One way to achieve this is to participate in our Stock Pitch Challenge; once you are more confident, you may compete in larger financial modelling competitions.
This year, SpringBoard TM is again invited to participate in the ModelOff Financial Modeling World Championships 2014 on 25 Oct, open to both students and investment professionals. The top 16 finalists get flown into New York and compete to win a prize pool of over US$40k. As a SpringBoard friend, you enjoy a 50% discount when you register for the competition with our discount code on Simply reply to this email and we will share our discount code with you.
In further support of their quest to continue learning, SpringBoard’s Advanced Track interns enjoy full reimbursement of the registration fee. Participating SpringBoard interns are to reply to this email for further instructions.
Pls let us know if you have further questions about our Stock Pitch Challenge and/or the ModelOff Financial Modeling World Championships.
Thank you.
Cheers, Eng Yew
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