Success Story: Harvey landed a PE job despite tough market (From HR to Investment)

Harvey has demonstrated strong passion during his mentorship with SpringboardTM and has won our stock pitch competition in 2015 Season 4. He continued pursuing his dream into 2016 and finally landed a private equity analyst [...]

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Testimonials from Hirer (Yuan Jin) and Success story (Sophia)

From time to time, we have SpringBoard ex-interns come back to thank us after becoming success stories. This time, we have one that is more special – a testimonial was given by the ex-intern’s supervisor! [...]

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Success story: Zeke thanks SpringBoard for multiple offers he received; how Yuyan lands an M&A analyst job

At SpringBoard, it is very heartening to see our students land their dream jobs and come back to say thank you. Now we are pleased to share with you two of our latest success stories. [...]

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