Our Research Like a Pro aims to train you the much needed skills as an equity investment research analyst. The brief outline of each lessons are:

Lesson 1: Investment Research Framework

You will learn a framework that include the format of an investment research report for equity research and the key ideas of each section. Do not skip certain sections in your research report as you will be questioned by investment managers on each of the subjects, thoroughly.

Lesson 2: Fine-tune your model

Now you have already been able to build an integrated financial model. It is time for you to refine your model and make it more like a professional model. This is an integrated part of your learning of professional skills. Note only will the hiring manager appreciate your skills of building the pro like model, it will also be part of your discussion of your investment research ideas.

Lesson 3:  Industry analysis

How do you form an independent view of the underlying industry by doing your own supply and demand analysis. How do you use third party research to help your analysis? Here are the professional’s approach.

Lesson 4: Typical problems of a student report

As you are starting to draft your investment research report, you must be wondering what you might miss? Here we explain the typical problems when our students use the research report template.

Lesson 5: Mastering financial terminals

You are under time pressure and need to finish your report quickly. How do you get the peer valuation from financial terminals in a professional manner? Here is the answer. Knowing how the street estimate the company also help you cross-check your assumptions.

Lesson 6: Sample investment research

We share with you our own investment research from our past work. It will give you an idea of the expectation of the street for sell side research.

Lesson 7: Stock pitch demo

Our past student, champion of our stock pitch competition and now a private equity analyst, shows you the key ideas behind the stock pitch and how you can ace it.


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