Springboard Stock Pitch and Mock Interview

Pitching a stock idea is often used by investment managers or senior research analysts to test out the competency of a candidate looking to secure a front office job. Therefore be prepared to talk about stock ideas when you go for interview for investment jobs. But what can go wrong? How do you know whether your stock pitch is evaluated by investment managers? We are here to help you.

This video series will give you a good idea of how to approach a stock pitch by yourself and the questions you should expect from investment managers.

Over the past eight years, our Springboard students have been acing investment analyst interviews with stock pitch skills hard to find in the street. Do check our success story at this page https://springboardtm.com.sg/testimonial  Here is what our student, Harvey, said about the stock pitch.

After winning the stock pitch for the first time, I have been offered a couple of interviews with different investment firms.

— Harvey, Investment Analyst

By watching other people’s stock pitch and questions posed by a panel of investment professionals, you can learn how the stock pitch works, what type of questions are asked by investment managers, why do they ask those questions and how to respond to these questions.

Seminar Highlight

  • Two selected stock pitches by Springboard students
  • Presentation slides and research reports
  • Questions raised by investment managers and how you can approach the questions
  • A demo by our mentor and investment professional on how he did stock pitch in the past event
  • Guidance to the Springboard research report template
  • Use third party market data for your research

Who should watch the stock pitch recording

  • Job seekers interested in junior investment research role
  • Job seekers that failed interviews for junior investment analysts
  • CFA candidates looking for job opportunities

Total duration: 102 min

More Questions on Stock Pitch

What’s the difference between Springboard stock pitch event and others?

In the Springboard stock pitch event, you have to work on your own investment thesis from scratch by yourself. This differentiates yourself from other job candidates who participate in group based stock pitch events, such as CFA Global Research Challenge (which can be in a group). You will have the opportunity to master every part of equity investment research, from the financial model, company research, industry analysis to valuation. In addition, we will record your stock pitch and Q&A,  so you can review your own performance at your convenient time (fees apply for non-Springboard Research track students).

How should I prepare for a stock pitch as it seems overwhelming that I need to do so many things?

Not to worry, we will provide a research template as well as other training materials that are used by our advanced research mentorship program (Research Like a Pro). You can find answers at your fingertips by reaching out to us. This is a great opportunity for you to learn how to use a professional investment research framework in a real assignment.

I am afraid of being wrong or embarrassed in the event if I get tough questions. What should I do?

The more you feel so, the more you should practise to increase your chance of acing front office interviews, which could be even tougher. We see the positive transition from a shy presenter to a confident presenter in many of our past success stories. They mastered the stock pitch skills and eventually landed a front office job. See our success story here: https://springboardtm.com.sg/testimonial/

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