What if I couldn’t use up all sessions in the stipulated period?

2017-11-19T07:19:49+00:00November 15th, 2017|
  • You must consume your mentorship sessions within the stipulated period (approx 2 months for Model Like a Pro).
  • Most students can complete them within 6 weeks but we factor in weekend work trips / sick leave/ urgent family leaves for some weekends.
  • You have an option to extend for another 1 or 2 months with extension fees payable, if you feel you need more guidance from your mentors. Extension package includes two half-an-hour sessions each month.
  • You can request for a freeze of your mentorship if you need to prepare for an exam and biz trips but this is subject to early communication and up to our sole discretion.
  • But if you foresee more commitment to other higher- priority work, we suggest you to talk to us to reschedule your mentorship, possibly to the future batch. Up-front communication is what we expect from you.