Finance Insights: How does Buy-side achieve win-win with Sell-side?

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Dear All,

At last year’s event on “Insights into how Buy-side distinguishes good Sell-side Analysts from the crowd”  (, Yo-man shared about how he uses Trade Idea League Table to differentiate an equity salesperson with substance from “empty vessels making lots of noise”.  He has recently taken this to the next level by partially employing an online platform and now wish to share with us how the buy-side can work closely with the sell-side to extract best value and service and achieve a win-win scenario.

Sitting on the panel with Yo-man are some of his key contributors who value-add to his investment process, along with his other sell-side friends.

In Yo-man’s recent mailer (, he mentioned having done referrals for his favourite “student associates” to some start-up brokers and if they do well as interns, they will most likely join the finance industry successfully.

All are welcome to come along to gain insights from our panelists and who knows, some of Yo-man’s fellow panelists might be actually looking to recruit via the internship path?  You will never know till you come join us =p

Seats are limited…. BOOK EARLY to avoid disappointment!
Eng Yew, Scholars’ Village