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With a combined experience of more than two decades, our mentors share our thoughts on how you can land an investment job and excel.

5 Tips to pass all CFA exams on the first try! Resits incur huge opportunity costs

This article is a continuation of an earlier article: Wish to pass all CFA exams on the first try? which talks about the importance of passing all three levels of CFA exam on your first try. There are certainly huge opportunity [...]

Wish to pass all CFA exams on your first try? Note these 3 pitfalls!

What's the big deal about passing all CFA exams on the first try? Being able to pass all CFA exams on your first attempt will make you stand out from other candidates statistically. Only 10% of total candidates can pass [...]

Career Success in the New Work Environment for Investment Professionals

I had an interesting read about Career Success in the New Work Environment , available at the CFA Institute website, which focuses a lot on self awareness, awareness of the environment and career planning and navigation. The e-book also offers interviews [...]

Banking and Finance Hiring Trend in Singapore

Our friend Loretta Chan has posted an interesting article in linkedin. Review and Forecast: The Corporate and Institutional Banking hiring trend in Singapore Increasingly, the spotlight is moving towards the so-called emerging second-tier banks, where, as compared with the bulge [...]

TED: Silverspoon or Scrapper?

Here's an motivating sharing from Regina Hartley, HR director at UPS on whether the company should hire Silverspoon or Scrapper? Best quote: Take this resume. This guy's parents give him up for adoption. He never finishes college. He job-hops [...]

CFA magazine: Recruiter insights and Personal branding

Wish to share two interesting article from CFA Institute magazine Nov/Dec 2015 issue. #1 Insights from a Recruiter by Julia VanDeren Talks about when to start getting targeted by recruiters, the importance of including recruiters in your network, time to [...]

Success Story: Darren says “Goodbye Deutsche, Hello Smartkarma!”

Darren was one of our SpringBoard success stories in 2013 (link to story here). Luck was however not on his side, as the global investment bank he joined decided to close down the commodities desk a few months later.  […]

Networking with Credibility and Proper Mindset for Referral Opportunities

Tangible Benefit of networking Along the way, some have asked me to give examples of tangible benefits of networking and even some students from my CFA class have recently approached me for career advice.  I shared with them my experience [...]