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Handy tools: Unofficial guide to banking

Saw these two free books online, which are useful for our students (url attached): Unoffical Guide To Banking: introduce various functions in the banking industry Jargon Buster: I would expect you to know at least 80-90% of all these terms if you already [...]

Banking and Finance Hiring Trend in Singapore

Our friend Loretta Chan has posted an interesting article in linkedin. Review and Forecast: The Corporate and Institutional Banking hiring trend in Singapore Increasingly, the spotlight is moving towards the so-called emerging second-tier banks, where, as compared with the bulge [...]

TED: Silverspoon or Scrapper?

Here's an motivating sharing from Regina Hartley, HR director at UPS on whether the company should hire Silverspoon or Scrapper? Best quote: Take this resume. This guy's parents give him up for adoption. He never finishes college. He job-hops [...]

CFA magazine: Recruiter insights and Personal branding

Wish to share two interesting article from CFA Institute magazine Nov/Dec 2015 issue. #1 Insights from a Recruiter by Julia VanDeren Talks about when to start getting targeted by recruiters, importance of including recruiters in  your network, time to hire [...]

Twelfth Annual Alternative Investment Survey by DB: Bullish on investment industry

Hi all, Deutsche Bank recent released its Twelfth Annual Alternative Investment Survey:  Alternative Investment Survey Investors remain bullish on industry growth – hedge funds are expected to reach a record breaking $3 trillion by year end 2014, up from $2.6tn as [...]