Investment Research Template and Student Research Reports

Investment Research Report (Equity)

We spent years refining this versatile and all rounded research report template. This is not only a powerful tool for our own investment research work in our professional life, but also extremely useful for our students.

Our students use the report template to produce industry standard investment (stock/equity) research reports and stock pitches to ace their interview, or even for their reports for the annual CFA Institute Research Challenge.  

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How to use our investment research template?

This is part of our advanced mentorship programme – Research Like a Pro! 

We are happy to share with you how you can benefit from our research template, be it for your CFA Institute Research Challenge or interview assignment. We are walking you through the key elements of our research template so you get the main point of how a typical research report looks like. If you have access to tier 1 broker reports such as those produced by JP Morgan (JPM), Morgan Stanley, or Goldman Sachs, or by local brokers, such as OCBC, Maybank Kim Eng. You will find that talking points in those investment research reports are mostly covered in these research templates. 

Why is it important to master the research template?

This is not just a tool for you to pass your interview. This is also a framework outlining the thought process of equity investment analysts and portfolio managers of the Wallstreet. The template contains the type of questions to be thrown to you during your interview. If you think you are ready for any junior investment analyst jobs, have a look at the questions listed in the template and you will be able to tell if your preparation is rock solid. 

To help our students, we do provide an online course that cover stock pitch skills, life stock pitch and Q&A by investment professionals. Click the block below to see details.

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Where should I spend my time on an investment research assignment?

To help you better, we would like to give you some guidance on where you should spend your time: 

  • Understand the business model of the company, most importantly how do they make money. 
  • Understand the competitive landscape and be able to articulate how the company position itself. 
  • Make sure you understand all the valuation metrics before you talk about it. Many of our students get confused with certain terms and therefore straightaway fail the valuation discussion with potential employers. 
  • Understand the street’s expectation and what does that imply for the company’s forward financial numbers. Most people don’t spend time on this aspect but this is really the way to test your intelligence and all-rounded thought process.

Is it too short as a proper investment research report?

You might wonder if this report is too short for your purpose. Good question indeed. Our report template serves as a guideline to you and covers most of the important questions you should answer in your report or be ready to answer in your interview. It is by no mean restricting the length of your written report. 

If you are going to a CFA Institute Research Challenge, you can easily expand the length of your report to 40-50 pages, by getting more details into the company’s operation, making more detailed analysis of its competitors, and expanding the discussion of your valuation. 

If you are working on an interview assignment to write a short memo of a listed company, you can just bring out the most important ideas, valuation (upside/downside) and risks in one page. At the end of the day, the ability to make a complex investment thesis concise enough to communicate quickly to fund managers/portfolio managers/CIOs are the determining factor on your interview. Busy asset managers don’t have time to read your 40-page reports. Get the points out quickly and move on to other stock research tasks.

In your interview, you don’t have 10 minutes to finish the pitch of your stock ideas. You could just have one minute to quickly go through your ideas before questions start to field in. Be ready for that. 

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Checklist for our Stock Pitch Guideline

Download Stock Pitch Rules and Guideline

Download Stock Pitch Competition submission checklist


Sample Investment Research Reports and Presentations by Our Students

Over the past few years, our students have made tremendous achievement in securing a job in the investment industry, regardless of their background. We are glad to share with you their investment research reports and presentation slides so that you have a good idea of the benchmark of competency for a junior investment analyst job. Although their work still has a lot of room for improvement from our professional mentors’ perspective, they surpass the quality of many candidates who have not been trained by professionals.

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Fannie Mae by champion Z.S. (pptthesis); ZS worked at a sovereign fund

Belle by champion L.H. (pptthesis); L.H. works at a regional broker as a research analyst

Fossil by champion S.W. (pptthesis), Pilgrim Pride Corp by S.G. (pptthesis); S.W. worked at regional broker as research analyst, followed by investment analyst at a hedge fund. S.G. worked in a few sell-side houses as a research analyst before he moved to an investment holding company.

Evergrande by champion S.W. (pptthesis)

Coba Holding by champion Zeke (pptthesis); Zeke works at a private equity fund; He is also a mentor at Springboard now.

Rexlot Holding by champion Louis (pptthesis)

Advanced Info Service by champion Y.Y.  (pptthesis);

Gilead by Lee Ching Sarn (pptthesis), Walt Disney by Pius Tan. (ppt,thesis); Ching Sarn works in a private equity fund; Pius works in a consumer investment fund.

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