Job Referral

We help people secure a finance front office career, using a comprehensive solution.

With an impressive track record of helping 1 in 2 SpringBoard interns secure front office careers, our latest SpringBoard Job Referral Program aims to help more people achieve success.

From time to time, we receive front office opportunities privately. We used to share most of these opportunities with SpringBoard interns who have proven to us their passion, personality and skills. Now, we will open more of them up to the public – friends of the SpringBoard community.

We have designed the job referral services in a process that should continually enhance your chances of getting hired. CV and interview enhancement sessions are optional and may be recommended to improve your chances of securing a job.

What are the differences between SpringBoard TM LLP & head-hunters?

 SpringBoard TMHead-hunters
Key functionHelp YOU, a qualified job seeker, secure a desired role in financeHelp employers find the job seeker with best fit for the role on hand
How does it work for YOU?It absolutely helps you.
SpringBoard’s assessment and validation process serves two-fold: (1) shortlist only the best candidates and save time for the employer;
(2) gain insight into the ability of each applicant and can advise applicant.
While employers’ feedback is generally meant for SpringBoard, it may be passed on to you to improve. SpringBoard’s CV, interview and work enhancement sessions can also help.
It generally doesn’t work for YOU unless you are absolutely the best candidate for the job.
What’s the catch?You don’t need to pay SpringBoard a cent if you do not get a job from SpringBoard. This aligns SpringBoard’s interest with your primary goal of getting hired in your desired role.
You pay if you decide to join CV, interview or work enhancement sessions, and you pay the contracted sum upon successful referral.
If you’re lucky and have the prerequisite skills, you will spend time and some coffee/tea budget to meet headhunters.
If you’re unlucky, headhunters don’t meet you and you only spend more time sending out CVs.
In all, you spend lots of time, being at the mercy of headhunters.

Payment: You will ONLY pay when you have successfully secured a job through SpringBoard.

Contact us: If you wish to increase your chance of getting a job in the investment industry, please feel free to contact us by sending your 1) CV, 2) sample work in financial model and investment research write-ups to . We will do preliminary assessment and if we are seeing your potentials, we will contact you for a non-obligated chat.