KT contributes his testimonial as one of the “graduates” from Yoman’s Equity Research Training Program, which has sowed growing successes in the finance sector. In his note, he advises younger friends to focus on networking and gaining the necessary experience; there is no instant gratification.

Before I introduce myself, I like to thank Yoman for his efforts and time spent on mentoring me on not only the technical aspects of equity research but also the softer skills of communication and also how to network effectively in the finance industry. These sets of skills have proved invaluable in securing my current job.

Unlike most student associates, I was already in the finance industry, working for an investment advisory as a portfolio analyst. However, I felt I role was rather limited and there were relatively few avenues for learning and growth.

Through the CFA mailers, I came to know of Yoman’s equity research program and eagerly signed up. Initially I worked on simple fact sheets and gradually progressed to sector and more time critical IPO factsheets which really aided my understanding what analysts in various industries look at and how they evaluate companies from the bottom up. Quite interestingly, we progressed to looking at investment themes from a macro point of view. I believe the knowledge gained was quite instrumental in securing my current role as a macro analyst and enabling me to view markets from a macro point of view.

For aspiring hopefuls, continue to network and gain the necessary experience even if it does not pay off immediately. The knowledge and experience gained will aid you tremendously not only in job opportunities but also enriching your personal and professional life.