I attended a CFA seminar about Manage Your Career featuring Mr. Andrew Jones on 25h Feb.

He talks about 10 most important aspects of your career, namely:

  1. How to do research before you network
  2. How to work towards your next role every day
  3. Know why you are doing this
  4. Formulas of how to be a trusted professionals
  5. How to manage your stress & maintain your balance
  6. Why you are your behavior
  7. How to get (and give) effective feedbacks
  8. Learn with objective in view
  9. Know your achievement
  10. Networking tips (be active, be visible, be ready)

I would like to highlight tips about Networking and Know your achievement that are relevant to people looking to break into the investment industry:

Networking tips: 

  • Research on the people you are meeting.
  • Linkedin is a great tool (if you don’t have, create one now)
  • How will you introduce yourself (be prepared and keep on improving)
  • Who do they know, is there common people?
  • What do you have in common?
  • How could you help them? & pitch to their needs (not your needs) before looking into How could they help you?
  • Which 3 people could they introduce you to?

Know your achievement tips:

  • Keep a log of your achievement at work and beyond (IMO, Asian are not so good in talking about their strength.)
  • Be ready to talk about it in an interview
  • Be detailed about: in what situation, in what task, what’s your action and what’s the result

Lastly, be ready to talk about your best stock ideas any time!