Lee Zhong Wen, investment banker at Lazard UK

I knew Engyew from our days back at the Singapore army, and he struck me then as an intellectually curious, personable person who was commercially astute. We kept in touch throughout my undergraduate days, when he knew about my desire to begin a career in Investment Banking.

Being the thoughtful person that he was, he kept me in mind and recommended me to a friend working in Investment Banking at that time who was looking for an intern. One thing led to another, and I was hired as an intern. The internship proved invaluable to my career aspirations, and I eventually secured an Investment Banking analyst position with Lazard in London.

The opportunity that he created for me is testament to his ability to tap on his strong network of friends and finance professionals to help people achieve their career aims. But what really differentiates him from others is his helpful nature where he goes out of his way to help you.

I would definitely highly recommend Engyew to anyone who is looking for a start in the finance industry”

Wu Kun, ex McKinsey consultant, MPhil Cambridge University

I would like to acknowledge the help that Mr. Eng Yew Yeoh gave during the application period. Without him, my application to Cambridge would not be so successful. I was facing with a tough situation then where I obviously had no confidence with both applications and my future career before I contacted him.

However, his enthusiasm and natural passion of helping others motivated me towards a positive attitude.

Then, his patience and expertise of reviewing my application easily helped me get interviews. He enlightened me that the advantage that career takes from degree is more important than degree itself, which a young Chinese applicant rarely considers.

Eng Yew is also a very nice friend who is willing to connect people. I will make sure to recommend Eng Yew because he is much more than a competent adviser.  Thanks again, Eng Yew.

Luke Tan, buy-side analyst at Shanghai PE fund

Thanks for your resume coaching. Hope everything is well for you. I am now working as a buy-side analyst for a PE fund based in Shanghai. With your meticulous fine-tuning on my resume, it helps to present my strenghts and core competencies to the employers directly and effectively. This opens the window of opportunities for me.

Once again, i thank you for your coaching and wish you the best in your business. I believe you will do well in business, as it is driven by your passion to aid young and highly driven but ‘clueless’ grasshoppers like me in the past.