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Profile Enhancement

Profile Enhancement

No job application can begin without a CV, which places the CV at a very high priority on every successful career seeker.

Yet, obviously, a top-notch CV is not enough to land you a job. The next best thing to come along would be the much-hated interview.

“Why don’t we get job offers without the interview?” we may ask. It just doesn’t happen that way. A job isn’t as simple as doing the work; it is also about connecting with people and managing them. Interview rounds can span several months to get to know you and assess whether you fit in the culture of the company and team.

Our profile enhancement expertise is the essence distilled from years of exchanges with hiring managers, recruiters, front office staff and HR professionals and tons of reading from related articles.

In our CV enhancement session, we look at your raw/polished CV and go through about 2 revisions of it to bring out the best in you in the most favourable manner. Usually, this will include a meeting or a phone discussion to leave you with a CV that should work best at your level.

For interviews, we walk you through the most common and toughest interview questions that recruiters and hiring managers love. We also would discuss with you what questions to ask them and what questions not to. Where required, we would go through a mock interview with you.

Please contact us if you want to know more about how you fare in your CV and interview skills. Below are a few pointers for you to start your enhancement process.


Interview – are you fit for the role?2017-08-08T07:17:06+00:00

Prepare yourself for the powerful “Tell me about yourself.” question. Often, it can make or break your interview and your chances of a great front office career.

Make yourself appropriately comfortable. The grill is intended to assess how suitable you are for the vacant role, not who you are or aren’t. So, don’t take it too personally and get too upset. At the end of the day, it won’t kill you and will only make you stronger. Believe in yourself and just do your best. If you can (and only if you can), help drive the process to get the interviewers to know more about you and how you fit in. More importantly, find out appropriately that the job is indeed what you understand it to be.

Don’t spoil it. Arrive punctually, dress appropriately and ask questions appropriate for each stage of the interview.

What should I do with my CV?2017-08-20T15:07:33+00:00

Concise, Up to the point, Show your relevance.

To the busy hiring manager in the finance industry, the CV should be limited to one-page, concise and to the point. If the reader can’t figure out your point after the first 5 words, don’t count on it that they will grind their brain juices to go further.

Give your CV a story, and know the story. A story is more powerful than fragmented details that point to everything, or worse, nothing at all.

Don’t give your CV any spoilers. No mistakes please, no careless omissions and definitely no misrepresentations of your experience and skills. As Confucius would have it, “Wise are those who say they know when they know and who say they don’t know when they don’t.”