We are a mentoring platform for passionate people to move into challenging and
rewarding front office roles in the finance industry.  Our Mentorship Program is
complemented with job referrals, profile enhancement and networking platforms, so that unlike academic programs, we are more confident of helping deserving apprentices secure tangible opportunities in the front office.

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Progressive learning environment

Our mentorship program is progressive.  First, you will join under Foundation stage (model like a pro!), and will be invited to join our Advanced stage mentorship if you can demonstrate your potential during Foundation stage. The Springboard partners and your mentor will have close contact to ensure that your success is of the ultimate importance to us. Feedback to our students will be provided by emails, whatsapp chats and mentorship sessions. This personalized learning environment is typically unavailable from any other finance education providers.


Foundation stage typically takes two months to complete, while Advanced stage takes three months to complete.

Our achievements.

SpringBoard TM is proud to share that most interns (in SpringBoard’s history) secure their desired career path before the completion of the Advanced stage. You can find testimonies here.