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Research Like a Pro!

You have done well in your modelling, now is time to move to a more advanced level of investment research!

Why stock research and pitch matters?

  • Do you know how often you will be assigned stock research in interviews?

  • Do you know how you can impress hiring manager with your research reports?

  • Do you know how investment analysts conduct research on a daily basis?

  • Do you know the gap between academic training and industry standard when it comes to investment research?

Our Approach

  • Get a stock to cover from your mentor

  • Watch our pre-recorded video sessions that go through our curriculum (details follow)

  • Spend hours researching stock ideas

  • Meet your mentor online, to feedbacks on your research ideas and how to improve

  • Continue your research effort, until you are ready to deliver you stock pitch

  • Pitch your stock ideas in front of investment professionals


  • Segment forecast
  • Growth and margins assumptions to be used
  • Fine tune your forecast assumptions
  • Common adjustment analyst made
  • Checking against the consensus
  • We will show you how professional analysts construct financial models. It is substantially different from any financial model you could have built in school. Mastering it will help you build a model that is as close to a pro model as possible. Our experience tells us this will help you gain a favourable impression from hiring managers and sometimes you can even by-pass the technical interview!
  • Homework: Building a more in-depth financial model than what you have learnt in your foundation
  • A professional analytical framework that imparts the professional investors’ thought process to you. Think & analyse like a pro!
  • Include: writing and presenting executive summary, company background research, industry research, insider research, financial and operational analysis, forecast, arbitrage opportunities, valuation of the company
  • This is a powerful framework that reflects the thought process of professional investors. If you can master this, you will nail any interview for junior investment analysts.

  • Homework: investment research on a selected stock
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Supply and demand Analysis
  • Don’t under estimate the industry analysis. Doing it in an institutional manner will help you stand out from other candidates.
  • Initiation report
  • Maintenance report
  • A professional research report is very different from the academic report that you could have written in the school environment.
  • Before you become a real analyst, it is good to know how the professional analyst covers a stock in their work and what are the key things to take note.
  • These sessions will also help you on your first semi-professional coverage under our advanced mentorsip program.
  • Bloomberg
  • Capital IQ
  • These are two of the most popular financial terminals used by investment professionals. Start using them for your research projects to improve the depth and breadth of your analysis.

How we deliver it?

sessions of video
one-to-one mentorship with senior investment analyst
weeks of rigorous training
stock pitch

Unlimited instant messaging and email support from mentors

Our Confidence

  • You will learn from practice, not just theory

  • You will experience the toughest technical questions you could get from your interview

  • You learn first-hand experience of how investment analysts approach a stock idea

  • You accumulate real experience of stock research

  • You accumulate real experience from potential internship with our partner network

Just Name Some Success Stories

  • Lihiang, lead ASEAN bank analyst at Maybank Kim Eng

  • Shane, consumer analyst at Daiwa Capital Market

  • Sophie, transport analyst at UOB Kay Hian

  • AKY, offshore & marine analyst at Religare Capital Market

  • Rei, quant analyst at Acadian

  • Li Feng, fixed income portfolio manager at UOB Assset Management

  • Willie, fixed income analyst at DBS

Our nine years of experience tells us that once you master the skills in our Research Like a Pro, your chance of landing an investment analyst job is very high, as past champions in our research competition have all landed a job in three months!

Read more success stories!

Additional  Benefit

  • Free entry to Springboard events for one year

  • Join Springboard event at partner rate for life.

  • Access to Springboard partners for career advice.

  • Opportunity to intern for our partners network to accumulate experience and build your credibility

  • Join exclusive Springboard alumni network

  • Job referral as and when there are opportunities

Enrollment and Costs

  • Beginning of every month

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Do you offer discount?2017-08-20T15:03:43+00:00

We have early bird discounts for our students. Please use contact us form to find out details from us.

What would I gain at the end of Model Like a Pro and Research Like a Pro?2017-11-19T07:31:21+00:00

At the end of our Model Like a Pro mentorship program, you are expected to build a professional-looking financial model with all the essential components, including integrated income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, DCF valuation, and company valuation metrics. You should have no problem answering financial modelling-related questions during your interviews.

At the end of our Research Like a Pro mentorship program, you are expected to conduct an in-depth research on a listed company, with all the essential analytical framework used by professionals on a daily basis. You will deliver a stock pitch to a panel of professional investment analysts.

If you are doing well in your stock pitch, you should have no problem conquering stock pitch challenges in every investment analyst interviews, based on our experience.

Interview – are you fit for the role?2017-08-08T07:17:06+00:00

Prepare yourself for the powerful “Tell me about yourself.” question. Often, it can make or break your interview and your chances of a great front office career.

Make yourself appropriately comfortable. The grill is intended to assess how suitable you are for the vacant role, not who you are or aren’t. So, don’t take it too personally and get too upset. At the end of the day, it won’t kill you and will only make you stronger. Believe in yourself and just do your best. If you can (and only if you can), help drive the process to get the interviewers to know more about you and how you fit in. More importantly, find out appropriately that the job is indeed what you understand it to be.

Don’t spoil it. Arrive punctually, dress appropriately and ask questions appropriate for each stage of the interview.

What should I do with my CV?2017-08-20T15:07:33+00:00

Concise, Up to the point, Show your relevance.

To the busy hiring manager in the finance industry, the CV should be limited to one-page, concise and to the point. If the reader can’t figure out your point after the first 5 words, don’t count on it that they will grind their brain juices to go further.

Give your CV a story, and know the story. A story is more powerful than fragmented details that point to everything, or worse, nothing at all.

Don’t give your CV any spoilers. No mistakes please, no careless omissions and definitely no misrepresentations of your experience and skills. As Confucius would have it, “Wise are those who say they know when they know and who say they don’t know when they don’t.”

Why don’t you disclose program costs? 2017-11-19T07:23:34+00:00

We are a premium mentorship platform with many intangible benefits for our students.

We don’t compete with other typical training programs by pricing because we believe that the value you are getting from our mentors and events are worth more. Hence, we do not disclose our fees publicly.

If you are interested, please fill up the contact us form and we will get in touch with you to assess your suitability for our program.


Can I apply for direct admission into the Advanced Track Intern Program?2017-11-19T07:24:18+00:00

Since 2009, we have been investing our resources into building good and strong relationships with institutions, teams and established professionals in the industry. We only recommend our best apprentices/interns to them.

Our experience tells us that only time on the Foundation Program will tell us how good an apprentice is. Hiring managers often lament to us about how HR interviews and CV screening tools fall short of delivering the quality candidates they want. Our program is a different engagement tool structured to be more meaningful for hiring managers who are serious about looking for the right candidates. If we don’t maintain our tough demand on quality, we would lose their trust and support.

There are people who may feel shortchanged going into the Program, believing how “over-qualified” they are for the Program. Most of them eventually agree that they could have been trying to bite far more than they can chew.

If you are GOOD, we will share our invaluable network of front office mentors, alums and institutions with you and make this difference to your career success. Would you rather go into a career path by yourself, or with the SpringBoard network behind you?

Would you rather go into a career path by yourself, or with the SpringBoard network behind you?

Is there guaranteed hiring?2017-08-20T14:22:19+00:00

There isn’t any bona fide training institution on earth that can guarantee you a job once you complete the program. Springboard’s program is aimed at improving your chances of getting a job, rather than guaranteeing you a job. Nonetheless, you can rest assured that we will work hard to help you jumpstart your front office career, and we have a wealth of experience and success at it. 1 in 3 of our apprentices became success stories within 3-6 months of completing the advanced program (Research Like a Pro).

Am I too old to do career switch? And therefore joining your mentorship Program.2017-11-19T07:25:19+00:00

We (and the industry) generally consider an age above 30 years to be a barrier of entry to the industry: as people reach their 30s, they have a certain level of income, and require a certain level of work-life balance.


Switching into the competitive finance industry likely means getting entry-level pay and working >12 hours a day. This is a huge sacrifice to one’s lifestyle. With some years of working experience in an irrelevant role, people could have already shaped their own way of working and become resistant to changes as required by the industry.

Based on our observations, the few people who usually land research roles after 30 years-old are doctors (to cover biotech) or specialists in certain industries. If you are above 30 years old and still wish to change your career, please feel free to contact Springboard for a non-obligatory assessment of your chance of making the switch.

How does Springboard Program differentiate itself from other training programs (including CFA, CAIA) out there?2017-11-19T07:26:27+00:00

SpringBoard TM is a career mentoring platform and is a very different platform from most other programs in the market.

Firstly, we emphasize on practical experience and do not focus on an end to academic training and discussion.

We are proud that we are likely the ONLY institution to help you earn relevant experience and secure relevant job referees. In this industry where relevant experience is of utmost importance, we provide you with an experience closest to that.

If your quality of work convinces us that you belong to our group, we will stand behind you and push you towards career success. We help you gain access to exclusive hiring opportunities through our network.

Second, through years of experience, we know what employers in the investment industry are looking for and how a student can be best prepared for the scarce opportunity. There are hardly any providers as specialized as us.



What are your requirements for the program?2017-11-19T07:29:35+00:00

We don’t make it hard criteria for entrance into our mentorship program. However, it is preferable that one has at least passed CFA level 1 exam or have studied a finance/accounting degree so that value of our program can be fully utilized.

More importantly, you must possess the passion and hunger for a front office career. Many can claim that they have what it takes to make it in this career, but our program is structured to pick out the deserving for entry into the high-octane front office roles, where we take pains to convince hiring partners to offer you those rare opportunities.

Our focus is on bringing up one’s potential to maximize the chance of a successful career switch and smoothen the transition process.

General Inquiry About Our Mentorship Programme