Exclusive Networking by SpringBoard – 27 Jan

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It’s a new year, so let’s embrace it with fresh hopes.
While we are organising an exclusive dinner event for our Advanced interns, hosted by a global bank, we also have our usual networking over drinks hosted by yet another global bank, open up to everybody else.
On 27 Jan, SpringBoard TM is having drinks with investment professionals with a global investment bank. In our intimate setting, you will get to enjoy close chats with front office professionals and veterans about the latest financial and hiring news. You will also get to meet SpringBoard mentors who may be instrumental in helping you get into the Mentorship Program which may lead to your first step into the industry.

*You may also hear whispers among our guests about which firms are quietly hiring for recent job vacancies. These positions could well be privately placed and not publicised openly.*

Guests Expected
Kenneth, senior Macau gaming analyst from global bank
Yoman, hedge fund manager from global investment firm
Roshan, partner at hedge fund
Mun Hong, analyst at family office
Willie, analyst at local asset mgt firm
Andy, analyst at family office
Joyce, SpringBoard private equity mentor
KJ, analyst at boutique investment firm
Sharon, analyst at hedge fund

Event & Registration Details

Raffles Place area, TBA to registered participants only

27 Jan 2015 (Tue), 6.30 – 8.30pm
$29 (by 16 Jan); $39 (by 23 Jan); $49 (by 27 Jan)
Cost includes first drink and finger food.
Register at https://www.apesnap.com/event/stmdcsfb201501

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Cheers, Eng Yew
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