SpringBoard-Kairos Research Challenge 2014 Season 4 – 15 Nov

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SpringBoard-Kairos Research Challenge 2014 Season 4 is taking place on 15 Nov 2014 and is now accepting no more than 3 challengers from the public from investment enthusiasts among you.

The SpringBoard Challenge is a stock pitch challenge judged by a panel of investment professionals and hiring managers are invited as our special guests. The champion of the Challenge will be invited to meet our special guests in private, where a job could be waiting. Our Challenge is a platform of not only hands-on learning, but also available front office work.

Why you should participate?
(a) You went for interviews and NEED to find out why you can’t seem to pass them.

(b) You WANT to know what questions are asked frequently by investment managers.
(c) You LACK a portfolio of research to showcase at the interviews.
(d) You seek a CHALLENGE to pitch your stock pick to investment managers.
(e) You want to IMPRESS investment managers because you think you can outshine our interns.

How we are Different from other stock pitches?
(1) From our knowledge, we are the ONLY stock pitch competition where participants may get talent scouted DIRECTLY by investment managers.
(2) You get personal feedback from investment professionals – perhaps your future colleagues.
(3) You get to DIY EVERYTHING and learn all aspects of a stock pitch. Just like a Pro.
(4) We run the Challenge 4 times this year, so you hone your skills regularly.
(5) We encourage you to “Continue Learning and Keep On Networking” with investment professionals attending the event, so that you can get your front office career started ASAP.

The Research Challenge in Detail
– You are given a few weeks to come up with a stock pick according to our rules and guidelines, and prepare a 4-page investment report.
– You are given no more than 7 min to pitch your idea, followed by a 10 min Q&A with our panel of judges. Through this exercise, you will not only get a good sense of interview questions commonly asked by investment managers, but also improve on your investment acumen through interaction with industry veterans. Feedback will be provided at the end of the session to let participants know how they can do better.
– Prize: Special guests (typically hiring managers) are invited to our event to watch our contestants LIVE in action. The winner of the competition will be granted a private chat with the special guest(s), while other outstanding contestants may also be approached if they are found suitable for any opportunity.

Winners and other outstanding contestants from previous competitions had been approached by our special guests, and they are now successful, either working in the front office or close to firming contracts with prospective employers.
– In this season, you are required to find an excellent BUY idea with more than 20% upside. Please be reminded of our liquidity requirement that the market cap of your pick should be above US$500m and the liquidity should be at least US$5M average value traded over the past one month.
– You can find (1) reports and presentations from past winners and (2) competition rules and guidelines here.

Kairos: Mun Hong & Willie, analysts at family office and regional asset management firm
SpringBoard: AKY, research analyst at regional brokerage firm
External: A senior analyst / fund manager in the industry

Registration & Event Details
Register at: https://www.apesnap.com/event/sc2014s4

Date/Time: 15 Nov at 9.30am (TBC)
Venue: A convenient location close to MRT, to be disclosed to participants only Fee: Participants at $249 (by 13 Oct); $299 (by 31 Oct); Observers at $499 (by Nov 15)
Please feel free to speak to us if you would like to know more about details of the competition.

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Cheers, Eng Yew
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