Hiring Window opens as we predicted

In the last 1- 2months, we have seen the hiring window open, as we rightly predicted few months ago. “Musical chairs rotation” is in full swing, post bonus payout, as many SpringBoard friends resigned to move to other banks; while many SpringBoard interns – despite having zero relevant working experience- are going for multiple interviews lately.

Most importantly, SpringBoard is swarmed with multiple requests from employers to feed them with suitable candidates

Here, we wish to share a recent success story from our referral in Aug 2013, how the employer is so pleased with our referral that they have come back asking for more!

Andy joined a family office via SpringBoard referral

Andy came to know about us at CFA Xmas party in 2012 and regularly attended our networking/ knowledge sharing events. He saw value in our Mentorship platform and signed up for our Foundation stage in April 2013, was placed in the good hands of our star mentor Jessie– a PE fund manager. His positive learning attitude, humility and good quality of work won praises from Jessie, and upon our encouragement, he progressed to Advanced stage within 2mths, where he was given more learning opportunities.

His path was not all smooth-sailing, and many of his job applications failed to get any response from employers. He was however undeterred and continued to put in more effort on the assignments from SpringBoard. In our first Research Challenge- stock pitch competition in Dec 2013, Andy came in runner up, and was commended to be one of the better presenters by our special guest, who was in the process of launching his fund. Andy was also awarded CFA charter few months ago.

Through our private contacts, we sent Andy to an interview with a family office with strong financial backing. He conducted himself very well at the interview, and impressed the hiring manager with his good industry knowledge and nice samples of the work he did for Yoman and Jessie. Thereafter, he was interviewed a few times by the other key partners of the family office, and given trial assignments to complete, as part of the live work done by the family office. Finally, after numerous months of “courtship” on both sides, Andy has started work with the family office full-time. We are all very happy for him and wish him all the best in his new role.

Andy’s employer now needs a consumer analyst

-> Good foundation in financial analysis;
-> Sound industry knowledge, prefers somebody who has worked in Consumer company before, to properly understand a sound business model for Consumer company
-> Hungry to learn

Interested to reply with job code: SB2014A

If you are passionate about this opportunity, please send us:
(1) your CV- preferably within 1 page; and
(2) a short investment summary- up to 4 pages- of a consumer stock you have looked at previously, for our SpringBoard mentors to gauge your understanding of a consumer company.

Please send us your application ASAP. Your reply email to springboard@scholarsvillage.com should include the job code SB2014A in the subject.

We will only refer candidates whom we find suitable.

If you narrowly miss the mark, don’t feel too bad. As an encouragement for your good effort, you could stand a chance to win a special scholarship to attend our coming Investment Banking Masterclass (worth $299)

Terms and conditions apply.

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SpringBoard TM is a mentoring platform for passionate people to move into challenging and rewarding front office roles in the finance industry. Our Mentorship Program is complemented with job referrals, profile enhancement and networking platforms, so that unlike academic programs, we are more confident of helping deserving apprentices secure tangible opportunities in the front office.

Our jobs referral platform involves our partners securing for our apprentices opportunities in the front office, which are mostly of private referral in nature and not advertised elsewhere. In certain special circumstances, we may even secure opportunities with priority or exclusivity offered to SpringBoard interns and apprentices on the Mentorship Program.