NJL participated in our foundation classroom training in March 2016 and after a period of preparation, she managed to join the investment industry at the beginning of 2017. Like many other Springboard success stories, she is not from a prestigious background. At the first glance of her CV back in 2016, she wasn’t someone that can stand out in the competition for interviews. However, she was not giving up and consistently making herself closer to her dream job. Now let’s hear what she shares.

I graduated as an economics student from NUS. All along I wanted to find a job as an investment analyst but couldn’t find my way in. While other students were able to land equity research internships during their university days which led o full time offers, I was not able to secure those opportunities as I felt that I did not have the relevant technical knowledge. 
I chanced upon Springboard’s financial modelling program and decided to sign up for it. The class was conducted by Keith, a very experienced investment practitioner who was able to patiently guide me through from creating a model step by step to troubleshooting errors. In addition to the model building, he also explained financial concepts and valuation methods with clarity and insight which enabled me to obtain a deeper understanding of the subject.

With the knowledge and skills I was equipped with, and through gaining experience in the valuation department in an audit firm, I was able to prepare my CV to land a interview with a family office. The interviews include technical questions and a stock pitch, which is covered by Springboard’s advanced mentorship as I understand. The interview related well with what I have learnt in Springboard and finally I managed to convince the manager to hire me as a buy side analyst. I really appreciate Springboard mentors’ effort of helping their students towards success.