Eugene is a student majoring in political science in University of Hong Kong and is passionate about investment career. He would like to share how he benefits from internship under AKY which leads him to an opportunity at a top hedge fund in Hong Kong.

I am an undergraduate senior majoring in political science at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and joined a stock analysis program mentored by senior mentor Yan Ke to seek systematic learning in equity research. Despite relevant experience before, I still found it tough to perform certain tasks for assigned projects. I was not too sure if my investment thesis represents company fundamentals fairly and if my forecasts are reasonable. Fortunately, I was able to raise questions during allocated Q&A sessions. More importantly, he used my models to demonstrate to other students what can be achieved in such training program. After putting in a lot efforts in model building and research report writing, he eventually shortlisted me based on my performance and hired me as an intern

Supporting him mostly in pre-IPO stock research, I learned how to 1) navigate through primary sources to understand company fundamentals for analysis, 2) construct financial models for revenue forecast and valuation, and 3) present research outcomes logically for investors. He drilled my work vigorously and the feedback given is very useful in improving my understanding and relevant skills for equity research. As a result, I became more confident handling stock analysis questions during buy-side interviews. I reached final rounds of two interviews for buy-side position and is honoured to get accepted by a top hedge fund for summer internship.