It is worth sharing a testimonial from our participant Mark in our analyst training camp:

The most effective form of learning is through practice – having said that, I believe the independent basis through which we were exposed to in terms of developing the model really helped me understand the key moving parts of a functional operating model.
It was no easy feat, looking through every tiny detail within the model in trying to troubleshoot where and what was keeping the model from balancing perfectly. However, tough as it was, this method forced me to understand the basic flow of items within the different statements, and eventually, through this method, I was able to fix my model!
I guess the second best benefit would be the opportunity this program offers to candidates aspiring towards a front office career.It really drills the basics into you, the basics of financial modelling. I believe this will go along way in helping candidates with the technical portion of the interview. Similarly, the program, on the basis of merit allows candidates like myself to showcase how much and how far we are willing to go, to break into the finance industry.