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testimonials & achievements

Over the past nine years, our track records have clearly demonstrated that once you master the skills in our program, you stand a significant chance of landing an investment analyst job, regardless of market volatility!

Examples of our distinguished students

  • Handy, Indonesia auto and financial sector analyst at CLSA

  • Lihiang, lead ASEAN bank analyst at Maybank Kim Eng

  • Shane, consumer analyst at Daiwa Capital Market

  • Sophie, transport analyst at UOB Kay Hian

  • AKY, offshore & marine analyst at Religare Capital Market

  • Rei, quant analyst at Acadian

  • Li Feng, fixed income portfolio manager at UOB Assset Management

  • Pius, consumer sector analyst at Arisaig

  • Willie, fixed income analyst at DBS

Success stories ARE THE BEST testimonials

Success Stories of Xiaoguang, XY and Gavin (IT to PE)

September 22nd, 2014|

Dear SpringBoard Friends, Further to our sharing of SpringBoard success story – Darren says “Goodbye Deutsche, Hello Smartkarma!”, we wish to share another three success stories from our platform.They might have taken longer, but with faith in “Continue Learning and [...]

SpringBoard TM referred Andy a job and his employer now wants more!

March 8th, 2014|

Hiring Window opens as we predicted In the last 1- 2months, we have seen the hiring window open, as we rightly predicted few months ago. "Musical chairs rotation" is in full swing, post bonus payout, as many SpringBoard friends resigned [...]

Success story: Sharon (from regulator), Ashley (from artist), Kevin

December 11th, 2013|

SpringBoard success stories beating the odds "When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful" -Eric Thomas Hi all, as we head into the festive period round the corner, we wish to [...]

Success stories: Darren, and LQ (IT to Investment)

September 1st, 2013|

In our previous SpringBoard mailer, we featured two success stories of Wilson and RT (from Advanced track), and Willie from an earlier batch of SpringBoard apprentices. This time, we will feature Darren and LQ (from Foundation track), who have successfully switched [...]

SpringBoard latest success stories; career switch within 3mths (Wilson, RT, Willie)

June 3rd, 2013|

Since SpringBoard revamped 6months ago, we have grown tremendously and now have about 20 apprentices / interns, and close to 10 mentors. In the past month, we saw momentum pick up considerably with lots of new sign-ups for our Mentorship [...]

YJT’s Extraordinary Journey (From Back Office to Investment)

January 31st, 2013|

YJT registered for the SpringBoard Mentorship Program in 2012H2, while she was working in a back-office department of a European bank.  We saw high levels of passion in this diligent young lady during her mentorship with us.  Despite heavy workload [...]