Testimonials from Handy and Wencan

2017-06-25T13:23:48+00:00 June 25th, 2017|Testimonials|

Joining Springboard’s mentorship program is one of the most effective way to learn and brush up your financial modelling skills. Through this mentorship program, I had a chance to build a model from scratch and hands-on experiences to troubleshoot my own model. The interactive sessions with the mentors who have industry experiences is Springboard feature that has benefited me greatly. I get to learn which particular data points are important and how they can affect my forecast assumptions – vital in creating reliable valuations.

Building a good financial model is an important skill for candidates who want to pursue a career in front-office fields. With all of the experiences during the program, as well as the support from the mentors, I believe I will have higher chances to land a role in the financial industry.

— Handy, Graduate from Model like a pro Apr ’17 batch (fb)

The advanced mentorship is a great program for any aspiring investment professionals who wants to learn financial modeling. For me, the program went beyond the mechanics of a model, and taught me a great deal on how to read the underlying assumptions of a stock price. It teaches me how to form a differentiated view on companies, and more importantly, how to express/pitch that view through a customized model that would actually make sense to a real investor.

— Wencan, Graduate from Model like a pro Mar ’16 and Advanced mentorship (fb)