YJT registered for the SpringBoard Mentorship Program in 2012H2, while she was working in a back-office department of a European bank.  We saw high levels of passion in this diligent young lady during her mentorship with us.  Despite heavy workload in her full time job, often extending to 8-9pm on weekdays, she was able to submit assignments on time and meet our rigorous expectations.

Under guidance from our mentors, she made significant achievements in equity research. You can read her signature report on Chaoda Modern Agriculture (682 HK)’s Early Signs of Fraudulence here.


After many months of hard work, she found herself a role to support investment managers in their investment decision making process at a renowned fund house.

We are confident that, in due course, she will become an analyst. See what she said:

During the SpringBoard internship, I wrote article summaries and took down notes at management luncheons.

The topics for the articles ranged from Southeast Asian economies to hedge funds and accounting scandals. Doing the summaries required me to distill relevant information from those articles and organise them in a manner that is concise, complete, yet easy to understand.

I also learnt the importance of being consistent in presenting my work, yet flexible in thinking of how to organise and communicate information to readers. During the process, my mentor also provided additional insight to supplement my understanding of the topic.

I also attended management luncheons to note down key learning points. These events are usually avenues for senior management of companies to seek funding from institutional investors.

The presentations gave me an insight into various competitve advantages and key challenges facing companies in industries such as media, healthcare, real estate and technology. After the presentation, analysts will usually raise questions for the seniormanagement. Their questions brought my attention to what analysts focus on when studying companies in different industries. On one occasion, I was given a set of questions to raise during the Q&A session in the presence of about 200 attendees.

On the whole, I found the internship an interesting learning experience.