ZP has been a frequent supporter of SpringBoard TM since we first met him in 2011. Consistently, he has been planning his move into the industry, but it was not a short journey. Eventually, he found a position at a sovereign fund. We wish him well in his future endeavors! Here is what he said about Springboard:

My first encounter with SpringBoard was at one of its seminars in 2011. There, I met investment professionals and learnt about investment jobs available via their connections.  I found SpringBoard to be a good platform to learn more about the finance industry, and set myself a game plan to get into the industry

I got to know Yoman, the co-founder of SpringBoard TM, and was impressed by his passion and focus. I participated in more SpringBoard events to learn from him.  Under his guidance, I attended many IPO management luncheons, where I learnt more about the capital markets.  Yoman was a good mentor who not only was patient in explaining the capital markets to me, but also introduced me to some prospective employers along the way.

I am thankful that all these experiences set the foundation for me to finally secure my job at a sovereign fund. Luck was not on my side initially, but as a previous SpringBoard success story puts it well, “luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” I am glad I was ready for luck when it came.